Tattoo Commissions

Due to the personal nature of most tattoos, I only have the two examples to show.

I an draw any image you want, in just about any style. So, if you want something, pay close attention, I'm about to tell you the prices.

Image size are based on an average of their heigth and width. And example, a tattoo that's 3x6 inches is a 9 inch design. (3 times 6, divided by two).

Small: Less than three inches, $6 Black and white, $8 color

Standard: Three to ten inches, $10 Black and white, $15 color

Large: Over ten inches, varies, but no less that $20 for black and white and $25 for color

Modify existing design: depends on size, but expect about $10 to $15

I can get the images to you in whatever form you find suits you best. Please specify email, hardcopy, or CD. All images will be sent as high-quality JPGs unless otherwise noted.

Email me if you have any questions, comments. or better yet, a commission for me!

Large Examples
More Examples   
Examples of work

This was oringinally just a doodle, but a classmate liked it so much she bought it as a gift to her husband.

This one was a long-term drawing. After several redraws and a bit of Photoshop work, SUCCESS! It's an armband, designed as a tribute to the marriage of the client, and to cover up an unfortunate scar.

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