Paper Cutting

These Geisha are made from whatever paper I can get my hands on, scrapbooking paper and origami paper for the most part. I will make a Geisha in most whatever pose you wish, and in the colors that you prefer. I usually match the colors of whatever room it will be in. You can specify what part is which color, or I can choose for you.

All Geisha start at $50 for a standard 6-inch high figure with no or a very minimal background. Larger Geisha and better backgrounds are possible, but there will be a negotiable raise in price.

However, there will be discounts if you provide the paper, providing I get to keep the scraps. This discount varies on the size of the finished piece.

I will also frame the Geisha, but the cost of the frame and my effort will be added, and I will let you know this price. I will contact you with this information before framing the piece. All framed Geisha will be matted to protect them.

The scans do no justice, for these are three-dimensional peices made from many layers of paper. Everything is hand made, even the fans they are holding. No stickers allowed on the Geishas themselves.


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